About us

About W Bertolo

W Bertolo is a 100% Brazilian, familiar industry located in Borborema, in the central region of the State of Sao Paulo. With a wide and modern structure, it operates in the manufacturing of fiberglass and aluminium ladders.

The company has its own laboratory to provide total quality control, with a qualified team composed by engineers, specialized technicians and trained managers.

All products are manufactured in compliance with ABNT-NBR 16308/2014 and ANSI 14.5 / 1992 parameters and tests.

With over 30 years of tradition in solutions for total quality and safety ladders, we serve costumers in the entire national territory, through resellers and our Call Center.


The steps of our great history

  1. Creation of W Bertolo


    Creation of W Bertolo in Borborema. Beginning of wood ladders manufacturing.

  2. Broadening of its product range


    Manufacturing of fiberglass ladders, which became the leading product of the company.

  3. Restructuring of its Headquarters


    Restructuring of its head office, the expansion of the built-up area up to 5.685m2 and the improvement of its industrial and logistics equipments.

  4. Social and Environmental Projects


    Creation of socio-environmental projects in partnership with associations and schools in Borborema. Sustainability becomes one of W Bertolo’s pillars.

  5. Featured in international fairs


    Featured in international fairs in the field, such as Feicon, in Sao Paulo, and Construsul, in Novo Hamburgo.

  6. Digital Presence


    At the same time, W Bertolo keeps expanding its range of products and enhances its digital presence, through its website and social medias.

  7. 5S Program


    Starts manufacturing and selling aluminium ladders. Implementation of the 5S methodology.

  8. Photovoltaics


    Launching of the Premium Line ladders. Expansion of its production capacity in line with power efficiency considerations : W Bertolo reaches the mark of 100% of electric power from renewable sources (solar power).

  9. Certified by ISO 9001:2015


    Process of implementation and certification of the quality management system - W Bertolo is certified by ISO 9001: 2015. The negotiations and the export process of the stairs begin

  10. Export of ladders


    Advancement of Stairs Export and ISO 45001: 2018 Implementation Process - Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


Manufacturing and providing ladders for commercial, industrial and domestic use with high standards of quality and safety to our clients and employees.


To be a reference in manufacturing ladders and customer assessment, in national and international market due to the high quality and standard of our products.


Ethic and transparency, honesty, commitment, respect, modesty and results.

12 Month Warranty

Quality Policy

W Bertolo seeks to manufacture ladders that meet client specifications, ABNT NBR 16308 and ANSI A 14.5 requirements, as well as the development of its employees and work environment through the analysis of the concerned parts requirements and continuos improvement of its Quality Management System.